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Thursday, 31 March 2016

SQL Numeric Functions

Absolute value is the measure of the magnitude of value.
Sign gives the sign of a value.
This will give the square root of the given value.
This will give the remainder.
This will substitutes the specified value in the place of null values.
NVL2 Function we can pass three parameters if first parameter is not null it returns second parameter. if first parameter is null it return third parameter
Power is the ability to raise a value to a given exponent.
This will raise e value to the give power.
This is based on natural or base e logarithm.
This is based on 10 based logarithm.
This will produce a whole number that is greater than or equal to the specified value.
This will produce a whole number that is less than or equal to the specified value.
This will rounds numbers to a given number of digits of precision.
This will truncates or chops off digits of precision from a number.
This will perform bitwise and operation.
This will give the greatest string.
This will give the least string.
This will gives the first non-null string.
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