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Saturday, 16 April 2016

How to remove substitution/extension to a VO object in OAF

   As part of OA Framework extensibility it is possible to substitute a VO definition, which allows to satisfy business requirements such as adding additional conditions to it as well as to retrieve additional columns.

Such extensions, however, are not shown on the personalization catalog available under the System Administration responsibility and thus are not easily disabled in case something is wrong with them.

In order to remove the substitution definition, you have to identify the customization path and then use the jdr API to remove it.

In order to identify the customization, use the following call:

jdr_utils.listCustomizations('/oracle/apps/ap/oie/server/TrackExpenseReportsVO' ) ;
end ;

It will output the path of the customization, which is the one to remove.


In order to check customization VO and Base VO  use the following call, using the output from the previous command as a parameter.

begin jdr_utils.printdocument('/oracle/apps/ap/oie/server/customizations/site/0/TrackExpenseReportsVO');

In order to delete the customization definition, use the following call, using the output from the previous command as a parameter.

jdr_utils.DeleteDocument('/oracle/apps/ap/oie/server/customizations/site/0/TrackExpenseReportsVO' ) ;
end ;

Note: Explicit commit after the deletedocument procedure

You will get the following message if everything is ok, otherwise you could get an error if document is not found in case you did not properly copy the path or if you execute the command a second time.
Succesfuly deleted document /oracle/apps/ap/oie/server/customizations/site/0/TrackExpenseReportsVO.
Now, be careful not to pass the base document path to the delete call, otherwise you will remove the actual seeded VO or page definition and you will panic (I did) when the page no longer opens when called on the application.
Worry not, you will find the xml either on $JAVA_TOP or under the mds folder of the corresponding application and XMLImporter can be used to restore it.

Need to do Bounce the Apache Server if you don't have permissions you can ask to DBA

Steps to Bounce the Apache Server

1) login to your instance with putti or any other software
3) stop
4) stop
5) start

6) start
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  1. Is there a way to temporarily disable a custom VO rather than delete it?