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Friday, 15 April 2016

OAF JDeveloper Installation and Setting Environment

1)       Get the JDeveloper software ( ZIP File  : )

2)       Copy  into required drive ( folder ) / ( C:\)
Eg: C:\ JDEV  ( create JDEV ( name can be any one ) folder in C-drive

3)       Extract the ZIP file name )
Right click à WinZip à ExtractToHere
                After extracting it generates following
JDEV---- ( user created folder )
                                                |____      jdevbin
                                                |____      Jdevdoc
                                                |____   jdevhome

4)       Take the shortcut of  C:\JDEV\jdevbin\jdev\bin\ jdevW.exe     to desktop

5)       Copy the  vis.dbc file form Oracle Apps Server to JDeveloper

Source Oracle Apps path:   /u03/ERPDEV1/applmgr/inst/apps/ERPDEV_erpdev1/appl/fnd/12.0.0/Secure/ERPDEV1.dbc

See below screen shot (You can find the below screen shot by press "About the page" on any OAF page in apps)

JDevelopre Path: C:\JDEV\jdevhome\jdev\dbc_files\secure

6)       Set the Environment variables of O/S
My Computer -> Advanced ->Environment Variables-> New
Variable Name : JDEV_USER_HOME
Variable Value : C:\JDEV\jdevhome\jdev

Testing Functionality of Jdeveloper

 1)  Open Jdeveloper and go to connection  Right Click  New database connection 
Connection Name : test ( as desired )
Connection Type : Oracle ( JDBC )
Next :

2)       User Name            : apps
          Password               : apps

3)       Driver  : thin
   Host Name : localhost ( if database is on the local system, else URL of DB server )
   JDBC Port : 1521(your database port Number)
   SID            : VIS (Your Database SID)
For details see the vis.dbc located in the folder :



4)       Test Connection
          Result : success

5)       Finish
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