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Saturday, 16 April 2016

Oracle Application Framework(OAF) Architecture

OAF Architecture

   VO ---View Object            
   EO---Entity Object   
  AM---Application Module

It is a Java Class.
OAControllerImpl is a  parent of all Controller  Classes.
Controller performs data base transactions through the Application Module interface.
It will get the data through the Application Module and Push into the View.

It is JSP with GUI Components.
It populates data into it’s GUI components from VO.

          It is to interact with Database through the BC4J Components.
          It is a combination of Application Module, View Object and Entity Object.

Application Module:
It is an interface given to the Controller Classes.
It is Mandatory for OAF Applications
It can be shared by multiple controllers.
It performs DQL operations through the View Object
It performs DML operations through the Entity Object.
OAApplicationModuleImpl (Generic AM) is a parent of Application Module Class.
It is mandatory for all applications

View Object:
SQL Query (SELECT statement to project the data in the form )
It should be stored in .server package
View Object can be developed manually or BC4j wizard
OAViewObjectImpl : is the parent of all view objects
All APIs starts with OA

Entity Object:
It is database object such as table, view and etc
DML operations will be performed on the Entity Object
It should be stored in schema.server package
OAEntityImpl : is the parent of all Entity Objects
Onion Architecture of OA Framework
OA Framework can be extracted into a series of concentric layers, like an onion.
Each layer communicates with it top and bottom Layers
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