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Thursday, 21 April 2016

Oracle Apps Important Queries

Query To check Locks on a Table
Query To find out details of concurrent request submitted with certain conditions
GL Batches Query
Project Accounting and Purchasing Order Detail Query
Details of Projects closed in particular period query
Form personalization query on form
Segments used in DFF Query
PA Projects Details Query with GL
Query To Find GL Journal Header Summary
Query To Get The Details Which Are Posted To GL Through Payables
Query To Find GL Balances & Movements
Query to Find GL Journal Line Based On Trial Balance
Query to Find GL Budget Details Associated with Ledger
Query To find Employee Details in oracle apps
Query To find employee Salary details in oracle apps
Query to get employee Special Information
Query to get Employee Probation and Notice Period
Query to find Employee Tax Info State Tax rules
Query to find Employee tax info and fedral tax rules
Query to find Employee Entries and Element entries
Query to find Employee Absence And Other Info Details
Query to Show The Elements Entries Attached To A Person
Query Shows The Payment Elements And Element Sets Information
Query To Get Employee Payroll Name And Pay Bases
Query To Get Employee Address Details
To Get Receivables Ship To Query
To Get Receivables Bill To Query
Query to Get Open Transactions
Query to Get Drilled-down Transactions
How to find out Apps Instance Login URL from database
Query to Get Unapplied Receipts By Customer 
Query to Get Application Details
Query to Get Database Details
Query to Get Value Sets
Query to Get Value Sets Details
Query to Get Database Registry listing database Components in use
Query to Get GL Exchange Rates
Query to Get NLS Parameters
Query to Get DB Parameters
Query to get DBA Directories
Query to get Database Links
Query to Get List of Asset Books by Operating Unit
Query to get Oracle form Details 
Query to Get AOL Messages 
Query To get workflow Details 
Add Concurrent Program to Request Group From Backend
Query to get AP Invoice Audit details  

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