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Friday, 1 April 2016


This will produce a whole number that is less than or equal to the specified value.

     Syntax: floor (value)   

          SQL> select floor(5), floor(5.1), floor(-5), floor( -5.1), floor(0), floor(null) from dual;

   FLOOR(5) FLOOR(5.1)  FLOOR(-5) FLOOR(-5.1)   FLOOR(0) FLOOR(NULL)
-----------  -------------   ------------  --------------    -----------  ----------------

         5               5                 -5                 -6                   0

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  1. Halo,

    Gratitude for putting up this prolific article! You truly make everything a cake walk. Genuinely good stuff, saving time and energy.

    I have an MS SQL Server 2012 database on a remote server, and since moving to a new laptop, I have been unable to connect to the database using SQL Server Management Studio 2012. I'm pretty sure this has something to do with my local machine, as I have never had a problem before. I installed SQL Server 2012 and SQL Management Studio 2012, and both seem to be working ok. I can connect to the local SQL database using management Studio, however when I try to connect to my remote database, I'm getting the following error:
    Cannot connect to\MSSQLSERVER2012
    A network-related or instance-specific error.... error: 26 - Error Locating Server/Instance Specified).
    I have checked that SQL server is running locally, and allowed ports 1433 and 1434 through my firewall. I've checked and double-checked the servername and login details. The online application which connects to the database ( is not experiencing any problems.

    Once again thanks for your tutorial.