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Sunday, 3 April 2016

SQL Functions in PL/SQL

Available in procedural statements
Single-row number and character functions
Data type conversion functions
Date functions
Not available in procedural statements
Decode Function
Group Functions (Directly)
Valid use of functions in a PL/SQL block: 
          v_name := UPPER(‘dayakar’);
          v_date := TO_DATE(’12,February 1998’,’DD,Month YYYY’);   
Invalid use of functions in a PL/SQL block: 
          v_tot_sal := SUM(sal);
         v_grade := DECODE(job,’MANAGER’,’A’,’CLERK’,’B’,’C’);
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  1. Hello Dayakar,

    I genuinely do look forward for the time where you post some new write ups. Your blog makes me feel so educated! Continue soaring and writing please.

    I have a script I've been using in an anonymous PL/SQL block that searches some tables for a string value.

    Database trigger is stored PL/SQL program unit
    associated with a specific database table. Usages are Audit data modifications, Log events transparently, enforce complex business rules Derive column values automatically, Implement complex security authorizations. Maintain replicate tables.

    I want to change this so that it is a Stored Procedure where the user that calls the procedure can supply the table_owner info.

    FOR t IN (SELECT owner, table_name, column_name
    FROM all_tab_columns
    WHERE owner = 'BLAH' and data_type LIKE '%CHAR%')

    so can i substitute the 'BLAH' text for a variable as in ..


    FOR t IN (SELECT owner, table_name, column_name
    FROM all_tab_columns
    WHERE owner = OWNER_VARIABLE and data_type LIKE '%CHAR%')

    I have tried this but it doesn't work. I'm not sure of the syntax to substitute text for a variable in a for loop.

    It was cool to see your article pop up in my google search for the process yesterday. Great Guide.
    Keep up the good work!

    Thanks and Regards

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