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Friday, 1 April 2016


 This is based on 10 based logarithm.

    Syntax: log (10, value)   -- here value must be greater than zero which is positive only.     

          SQL> select log(10,100), log(10,2), log(10,1), log(10,null) from dual;

LOG(10,100)  LOG(10,2)  LOG(10,1) LOG(10,NULL)
---------------     -----------     ------------  -----------------
                             2            .301029996          0

LN (value) = LOG (EXP(1), value)

SQL> select  ln(3), log(exp(1),3) from dual;

                        LN(3)      LOG(EXP(1),3)
                         -------      -----------------
                     1.09861229    1.09861229

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  1. Szia,

    What you’re saying is absolutely correct SQL-log, but this isn’t the exact situation everywhere. Where most smart folk work on a project - why can’t you do this the Boss asks :).

    I would much appreciate to get a sample of data travelling via these steps.

    Source data to Staging server(tables) then PLSQL for data cleansing and transferring them to tbl_cleanABC or tbl_error_ABC. Checking the accuracy of data and finally PLSQL for loading to data warehouse.

    Follow my new blog if you interested in just tag along me in any social media platforms!