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Friday, 1 April 2016

SQL String Funcions

                                               SQL Initcap
                                      SQL Upper
                                      SQL Lower
                                      SQL Length
                                      SQL RPAD
                                      SQL LPAD
                                      SQL LTRIM
                                      SQL RTRIM
                                      SQL TRIM
                                      SQL Translate
                                      SQL Replace
                                      SQL Soundex
                                      SQL Concat
                                      SQL Ascii
                                      SQL CHR
                                      SQL Substr
                                      SQL Instr
                                      SQL Decode
                                      SQL Greatest
                                      SQL Least
                                      SQL Coalesce
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  1. Hello Dayakar,

    So bloody thorough! Ah! So happy and blessed out! I feel redeemed by reading out SQL String Functions. Keep up the good work!

    To some of you this question is simple to answer. For me it took some time of watching youtube, learning in internet and still got no answer to this.

    Lets say I have data in Table_X:

    And I want to get this from my excel query:

    My query is this:

    SUM ( CASE WHEN (Voucher type = 'M20')
    THEN Amount
    ELSE 0
    END) AS "Amount M20",
    SUM ( CASE WHEN (Voucher type = 'IP4')
    THEN Amount
    ELSE 0
    END) AS "Amount IP4",
    WHERE Activity IS NOT NULL

    And Output is missing IP4 calculation, because of Where condition:

    But if I remove Where condition, then I get doubling of rows and this is far away from my desired output.

    Database’s overall physical architecture is maintained in a file called control file. It will be
    used to maintain internal consistency and guide recovery operations. Multiple copies of control files are advisable.

    THANK YOU!! This saved my butt today, I’m immensely grateful.

    Thank you,

  2. Selamat Petang,

    The challenge however, is we don’t yet know how it will be used making to hard to assess their value proposition and consequently value.

    how to apply refcursor in package with multiple insted of multple cursors in oracle?

    Give one example.

    Thank you very much and will look for more postings from you.


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