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Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Employee Absence And Other Info Details

SELECT paa.business_group_id, papf.full_name, paa.date_start leave_start_date,
       paa.date_end leave_end_date, paa.occurrence, paa.time_end,
       paa.time_start, paa.absence_days, paa.absence_hours,
       paa.abs_information_category, paa.abs_information2,
       paa.abs_information3, paa.abs_information4
  FROM per_absence_attendances paa, per_all_people_f papf
   WHERE 1 = 1
     AND papf.person_id = paa.person_id
     AND TRUNC (paa.date_start) BETWEEN TRUNC (papf.effective_start_date)
                                    AND TRUNC (papf.effective_end_date)
     AND papf.business_group_id = paa.business_group_id
ORDER BY papf.employee_number, paa.date_start;

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