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Saturday, 28 May 2016

Interfaces In Oracle Apps

Interface is one of the Program which will be used to transfer the data from Oracle database tables in to flat file   (or) Flat files into  Database tables

We have two types of  Interfaces.

1)Inbound Interface
2)outbound Interface

Outbound Interface will be used to extract the data from oracle Database tables into the flat files.

Inbound Interface will be used to upload the data from legacy system (Flat files) into Oracle Applications base tables.

While developing the outbound Interface we will use UTL_File to Extract the data.
While Developing the Inbound interface  we will use SQL * loader to import the data into base tables.

UTL_FILE Package Overview on following link
               UTL File

Practice Examples for Outbound Interface
               GL Account Extract Outbound Interface
               Ceck Extract Outbound Interface
                   Vendor Extract Outbound Interface
                Inventory Outbound Interface 
SQL Loader Overview on following link                    

                SQL Loader

Practice Example for Inbound Interface
                PO Inbound Interface
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