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Thursday, 5 May 2016

PA Projects Details Query with GL

SELECT ppa.segment1 "Project Number", ppa.NAME "Project Name",
       pt.task_name "Task Name", pei.expenditure_type "Expenditure Type",
       pei.expenditure_item_date "Expenditure Item Date", pv.amount "Amount",
       gc1.concatenated_segments "Credit ",
       gc2.concatenated_segments "Debit "
  FROM pa_projects_all ppa,
       pa_tasks pt,
       pa_expenditure_items_all pei,
       pa_cost_distribution_lines_all pv,
       gl_code_combinations_kfv gc1,
       gl_code_combinations_kfv gc2,
       hr_organization_units hr
 WHERE ppa.project_id = pt.project_id
   AND ppa.project_id = pv.project_id
   AND pv.task_id = pt.task_id
   AND pei.expenditure_item_id = pv.expenditure_item_id
   AND ppa.project_id = pei.project_id
   AND pt.task_id = pei.task_id
   AND pv.cr_code_combination_id = gc1.code_combination_id
   AND pv.dr_code_combination_id = gc2.code_combination_id
   AND ppa.carrying_out_organization_id = hr.organization_id

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