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Wednesday, 11 May 2016

To Get Receivables Bill To Query

select distinct hca.account_number ,
                hcsu.cust_acct_site_id, hcsu.site_use_id,
                hps.party_site_number ,
                hp.party_name , hl1.address1 street1,
                hl1.address2 street2, hl1.address3 street3,
                hl1.address4 street4, hl1.house_number house,,
                decode (hcp.phone_line_type,
                        'gen', hcp.phone_area_code || hcp.phone_number,
                       ) phone_number,
       , hl1.state region,
                   decode (hcp.phone_line_type,
                        'fax', hcp.phone_area_code || hcp.phone_number,
                       ) fax_number,
           from hz_parties hp,
                hz_locations hl1,
                hz_cust_site_uses_all hcsu,
                hz_cust_acct_sites_all hcas,
                hz_party_sites hps,
                hz_cust_accounts hca,
                hz_contact_points hcp
          where 1 = 1
            and hcsu.cust_acct_site_id = hcas.cust_acct_site_id
            and hcas.party_site_id = hps.party_site_id
            and hps.location_id = hl1.location_id
            and hp.party_id = hcp.owner_table_id(+)
            and hp.party_id = hps.party_id
            and hca.cust_account_id = hcas.cust_account_id
            and hcsu.site_use_code = 'bill_to'
--            and hp.party_name like 'a%'

       order by hp.party_name;
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  1. Hi There,

    In total awe…. So much respect and gratitude to you folks for pulling off such amazing blogs without missing any points on the To Get Receivables Bill To Query. Kudos!

    I would like to load the image from the web browser and save the image on Oracle table!
    I have Oracle XE database on Linux server

    When I run this script, I received an error: Internal Server Error!
    I can not find what's wrong!

    The scrept run o.k. if I use only class!!!
    With enctype="multipart/form-data the error is Internal Server Error!

    Super likes !!! for this amazing post. I thinks everyone should bookmark this.

    Thank you,

  2. Hi There,

    Jeez oh man,while I applaud for your writing , it’s just so damn straight to the point To Get Receivables Bill To Query .

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    I should end up with 4 records.

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    02/24/2017 9:01:22 AM 02/24/2017 10:22:52 AM PR
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