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Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Query to get Oracle form Details

    WHEN row_number() over(PARTITION BY app.application_name ORDER BY frm.form_name nulls LAST) = 1
    THEN app.application_name
  END "Application Name" ,
  || '/forms/US/'
  || frm.form_name
  || '.fmb' href ,
  frm.form_name "Form Code" ,
  frm.user_form_name "Form Name" ,
  frm.description xonly_description ,
  frm.form_id xonly_form_id ,
  usr1.user_name "Created By" ,
  frm.creation_date "Creation Date" ,
  usr2.user_name "Last Updated By" ,
  frm.last_update_date "Last Update Date" ,
  'cp $'
  || app.basepath
  || '/forms/US/'
  || frm.form_name
  || '.fmb ./'
  || app.basepath
  || '/forms/US 2>/dev/null' build_command
FROM fnd_form_vl frm ,
  fnd_application_vl app ,
  fnd_user usr1 ,
  fnd_user usr2
WHERE --(frm.created_by        NOT IN (0,1,2,120,121,122,123,124,125,126,127,128,129)
  ---OR frm.form_name LIKE 'XX%')
  frm.application_id    = app.application_id
AND frm.created_by      = usr1.user_id
AND frm.last_updated_by = usr2.user_id
ORDER BY app.application_name ,
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  1. Hello There,

    Fully agree on Query to get Oracle form Details. We’re seeing a lot of projects tackle big complex problems but few seem to have
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    I want to execute the different files at the run time in the SQL PLUS

    It was cool to see your article pop up in my goggle search for the process yesterday. Great Guide.

    Keep up the good work!


  2. Hi There,

    11/10!! Your blog is such a complete read. I like your approach with Query to get Oracle form Details . Clearly, you wrote it to make learning a cake walk for me.

    I have two tables A and B. Where A is a parent table and B is a child table.
    I need all the records from table A that is not present in table B.

    I would like to know the best way in terms of performance to achieve this. (I have millions of records in the tables)

    But nice Article Mate! Great Information! Keep up the good work!

    Thank you,

  3. Hey,

    I learnt so much in such little time about #topic. Even a toddler could become smart reading of your amazing articles.
    I have requirement like

    select COL1,Col2 from A
    Select COL1,COL2 from B;

    both tables have 50+ millions record so I want to automate a job which will execute this query for 1millions records for one time and then again 1 millions for second loop and store output in record type.

    But nice Article Mate! Great Information! Keep up the good work!

    Kind Regards,


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