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Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Create Oracle Form Wizard

Open the Form Builder and select Data Blocks click on create button as shown bellow
Create new data block  by selected "Use data block wizard" and click on "OK" as shown below

Click on "Next" on following screen

Select the type of data block clicking on radio button "Table or View" and click on "Next" as shown below

Enter the "Table or View" Name Click on Refresh , it will ask for database username and password and click on connect on following screen
 It will show all the column which is available in table and you can select by clicking on arrow marks what columns are required  as shown bellow and click on “Next”

Enter the Data block Name and click on “Next” as shown below

Now Data Block Creation part completed and let us start create Layout of  form 
Select "Create Data Block, then call the Layout Wizard" radio button  and click on "Finish" as shown bellow

Let start Layout creation part 
Click on "Next" following screen 
 As per Business requirement you can select one of canvas on list of values
 Canvas Types:
                        Vertical Tool Bar
                        Horizontal Tool Bar
Note: Default Canvas is "Content"

Create Canvas as shown below screen click on "Next"

Now It will show available item whatever we have select on creating of data block
as show below screenshot 

By using arrow marks  you can select what field are need to be display on form as shown below and Click on “Next”
 On following screen you can change prompt field name and width and height as shown bellow and click on "Next"

You can select layout of report either Form or Tabular and click on "Next"

On following screen you can give details of  Frame Title ,Records Display and Distance between records and click on “Next” and "Finish"

Now your form ready to use 
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