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Monday, 28 November 2016

How To Raise Service Request In Metalink

Details required raising SR / TAR:

1.       Application
2.       Application version
3.       Database version
4.       Issue description
5.       Issue title
6.       Platforms
7.       Customer identification number
8.       Contact information
9.       Manager
10.     Siviority

Tools used to raise service requests:

  1.     Remedy      2. Clarify    3. Lotus

Tabs in the window:
                              Dash Board
Service requests
Go to Service Requests tab, there are 6 steps in SR logging
1.     General Information
2.     Product and Problem
3.     Related Knowledge
4.     Upload files
5.     Problem Details
6.     Review then submit SR

Enter problem summary
Enter Problem description
Explain the steps you followed
Enter the error message number if any
Choose Support Identification number
Fill using: Manual Entry

Go to Contact information:
Enter SR contact name
Choose contact method: update to SR / Email / Telephone number
Request Tracking:
Request Language: English
Say Next
Product:                         Oracle Payables
Product version:   12.1.1
Product language: English
Platform:                        Linux
Platform version: Oracle Linux 5
Data base version:         11.2.02 (11g)
Security level:                1 / 2 / 3 / 4
Security levels:
1                   Very big serious issue – Production environment cannot run
2                   Big issue – Server loss, operations can continue in restricted manner
3                   Minor issue – Operations can run with work around
4                   General issue – Does not impact operations

If you choose security level 1,
System will ask for the following questions:
Does this issue occur in a customized application?  Yes / No
If your answer is “Yes”: Oracle won’t give support
If your answer is “No” we have to provide the below information:
-     Manager Name and Telephone number
-     Service request user name, phone number, Email and secondary contact
        Choose problem category and Sub category from list of values
Say “Next”

In this step, system will suggest some suitable solutions to the above problem, if you found solution for the request you can stop the request, otherwise you can continue to raise service request


You can upload screen shots and any other supporting files.
Click on Browse and then attach files.
Click on “Upload”
You can see message “Upload completed”
Say “Next”

In this step we have to re produce all the details about the problem.
Answer all the below questions:
1.     Instance name:                    System ID or Server ID
2.     Type of system:                           Test or Development
3.     Describe any recent changes:        No up gradation and patch application has been done
4.     Describe any work around you are using to avoid this problem: No work around is possible.
5.     Describe how this problem impact your business:    We are unable to process payments to vendors
6.     If connection required to your system:  Oracle people can log in to our system through OWC (Oracle web Conference Session).                                                  Site name:
Enter conference ID & Conference key
Say “Join Conference”
Tool bar will be open with computer monitor icon
Place the cursor on monitor icon and share the desk top
7.     Please upload screen shots:          You can paste screen shots here

Say “Next”
In this step you can view all the information you entered in the previous steps
Review the information
You can go back to previous screens and make changes
Say “Submit”
SR number will be generated
Go to “Service request tab” to see the SR number

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