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Monday, 28 November 2016

Multi Org structure

Multi Org structure is used to implement or capture the multiple organization information in single point of instance.

 Importance of Multi org setup:
  • We can use the data in single instance
  • More secured data
  • Control over different departments.

Business Group
Primary Ledger
Legal Entity
Operating Unit
Inventory Org
Sub inventory

Business Group:
It is a highest level organization in multi org structure. It serves human resources information.
One BG may contain multiple ledgers.

It is a reporting entity in which we will record business transactions.
One ledger may contain multiple legal entities.
But one ledger must be associate with one Business group.

Legal Entity:
It is a tax authority.  One LE contains multiple operating units.
But one LE must associate with one Ledger.

Operating unit:
It is a major business division. One OU contains multiple inventory organizations.
But it must be associate with one legal entity only.

Inventory organization:
It is a warehouse or a plant where goods are stored.
One inventory org may contain multiple sub inventories.
But always inventory org must be associate with one OU only.

Sub inventory:
It is a part in the inventory organization.
Each sub inventory must be associated with one inventory organization. 

Multi Org Setup steps

Step: 1        Define Location in HRMS
Step: 2        Define Business Group and enter Business group information
Step: 3        Define Currency in GL
Step: 4        Define Ledger through ASM
Step: 5        Define Responsibilities
Step: 6        Assign Profile options to responsibilities
Step: 7        Define users
Step: 8        Assign Responsibilities to user
Step: 9        Define Legal Entity
Step: 10      Assign legal Entity to Ledger
Step: 11      Define operating unit
Step: 12      Define work day calendar
Step: 13      Define inventory organizations
Step: 14      Define sub inventory
Step: 15      Open periods in GL
Step: 16      Run “Replicate seed data” program
Step: 17      Run “Multi org validation report”


MOAC is used to get access into multiple operating unit from single responsibility.
We will use “MO: Security profile” profile option to assign MOAC to the responsibility.
To get access into one operating unit from single responsibility we will use “MO: Operating unit” profile option. 

Step: 1                  Define MOAC security profile
Navigation:          Human Resources
                             Security --> Profile

  • Name your security profile
  • Choose Business group
  • Choose security type: Secure organization by organization hierarchy and/or organization list. 

Classification                     Organization name
Operating unit                    Choose your Operating unit
Inventory Organization      Choose your inventory organization

Save your work.

Step: 2             Run “Security list maintenance” program
Navigation:      Human Resources
                        Process and reports --> Submit process and Reports

Program name:          Security list maintenance
Generate list for:       All security profiles
  • Ensure program completed normal.


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