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Thursday, 8 December 2016

Functional Interivew FAQS

1) What is settlement date in prepayment invoice?
2) Can i make partial payment to prepayment invoice?
3) Here we created in prepayment invoice against that we apply one standard invoice here we want to some correction or adjustment how can you resolve the issue?
4) In payables based on the purchase order you have created one invoice here you are selected Po no 10 instead of 10 you are selected 101 after validation and create accounting you want to change the PO NO how can you solve the problem?
5) what is rollback depreciation? how will you caluclate roll back depreciation?
6) how will you import the FSG in your orginazation? Trail Balance?
7) AP/AR Netting?
8) What is Mass Additions?
9) What do you mean by ADI?
10) Roll up groups and Summary Accounts?
11) Auto Accounting?
12) Receivable Activites?
13) Consolidation Billing?
14) Auto Invoice?
15) Difference Between Transaction type and source?
16) Deposit?
17) Guarantee?
18) Debit Memo (AR)
19) Credit Memo (AR)
20) Miscellaneous Receipt?
21) Reserve for Encumbrance Account?
22) Transaltion adjustment account?
23) auto invoice?
24) auto matic offset method?
25) future dated payments?
26) tolerance?
27) grouping rules?
28) matching rules?
29) debit memo & credit memo (AP)
30) payable documents?
31) payment format?
32) payment batch?
33) mass allocations?
34) MRC?
35) CVR?
36) SR?
37) Multi -org?
38) secondary ledgers?
39) primary/secondary ledgers mapping?
40) management segement qulifier?
41) Flexfield qualifier?
42) flexfields in gl?
43) physical inventory?
44) segment qualifier?
45) flex fileds in FA?
46) here we issued the checks so we have to cancel the cheques how will you do?
47) bank charges?
48) accounting rules? how will you do the accounting rules?
49) In Mrc What accounting will come? what rates will come?
50) foreign currency transaction- unrealized gain what accounting entry will come?
51) budgetray control how did you do budgetary control?
52) Here we made 10 lakhs insurance this amount we have initally paid advance per month 1 lakh write off the amount how will you do?
53) 10 laptops purchased this 10 laptops assigned to the 10 employess how will you assign this 10 laptops to each employees? how will you enable the asset for each employee?
54) what are the interfaces you developed?
55) how will you do budget depreciation?
56) what is summary template in budget?
57) what is the version of budget?
58) In AR you are not created distributon but the accounting how will generate?
59) how will you build the chart of account? what data will gather from client?
60) how will you do MOAC? will you assign same profile option to all responsibilties?
61) In r12 we created expense report template? we run the program payables expense report export? but i'm not able to get the expense report?
62) how will you suggest to yourclent one operating unit or more than one operating unit?
63) some times i'm not able to do the create accounting? what is the problem?
64) In period end process some invoices are missing how will you close the periods?
65) what is the relvance of application rule set in systemoptions?
66) Mass Additions?
67) When you create the asset the asset account where can system pick the account?
68) what are prerequire setups in FA?
69) what is significance in cash management?
70) can i place the asset can i retire the asset in same day?
71) what is the prorate convention?
72) Auto accounting?
73) Receipt Statuse?
74) With out customer can we apply the receipt?
75) P2P and O2C Accounting entries?
76) Replicate seed data? When will you run replicate seed data?
77) What do you mean by seeded data?
78) with holding tax?
79) Global Intercompany system?
80) Consolidation?
81) In Mass allocations can you generate same formula for same period if you change any adjustment ? the values how will impact?
82) cost centre flexfiled qualifier?
83) what is table?
84) pre-commitment?
85) SRS - Standard request submission?
86) why matching is require?
87) can we match the no of invoices to one purchase order?
88) can we macth the no of purchase order to one invoice?
89) who raise requistion?
90) why we need requistion?
91) why did you do quotation analysis?
92) secondary tracking segment
93) Here we assign MO: Operating Unit and MO:Security profile option what would happen?
94) which tool you are used for quotation analysis?
95) why cash clering a/c will come in to the picture?
96) difference betwenn sob and ledger?
97) what do you mean by accrual?
98) subledger accounting
99) payment batch
100) discounts and adjustments?
101) how will you define discount invoices?
102) here we created invoice in currency (INR) can I make the payment in other currency (AP,AR) is it possible?
103) With Holding Tax invoice Accounting entries? Tax codes knock off?
104) How would you define Document sequence for Payments? How the Voucher number will generate and where we have to setup?
105) Credit Limits? For eg: Here we have define credit limit amount 1000 but 999 amount  has to stop?
106) Inventory to FA Process?
107) How many tax books and corporate books defiend in one OU?
108) what is the refund process in AR and what is the accounting entires?
109) AP AR Netting?
110) Here Factory booked the Invoice but HO has made payment? What is the accounting Entry?
111) Depreciation Process and Accounting Entries?
112) Journal Source and Category?
113) can we apply the en number of invoices to one deposit?
114) Here the values are given at responsibility level and site level? Which value will take?
115) we are making the payment to suppliers but check has to pass CEO but it takes 5 days time then here the delaying payments what would be give the suggestion as Functional consultant?
116) can we give the discounts for Receipts? Where we have to do the setup?
117) can we add the en number of legal entities’ to one ledger?
118) can we add the en number of ledgers to one legal entity?
119) Asset retirement Process?
120) Prepayment invoices and types and Accounting entries?
121) Payment batch process? Which stage we can alter or Modify the information in payment batch?
122) Web ADI and what would be the setup and process? Is it related to desktop or server?
123) how can you design chart of account?
124) what are the Pre requisites In FA?
125) what are the Pre requisites in AP?
126) what are the Pre requisites in AR?
127) what are the Minimum setups in GL?
128) what are the differences in AP 11i to R12?
129) Pay on Receipt (ERS) Means and Program Name?
130) Additional pay through days?
131) Intra Company?
132) TCA?
133) Customer Profile Class? And Credit limits?
134) what are the TDS types?
135) I am not able to enter one code combination in one particular responsibility? Why and what are the possibilities?
136) Is TDS is available in AR?
137) I defined one supplier site (remit to site) but I am not able to select that particular site in invoice header level why? What could be the reasons?
138) we created one transaction in receivables under TCA. Is this invoice notification go to the customer?
139) I expenses process and what is meaning of I Expenses and if we use the I expenses then expense invoice will come direct to the payables?
140) In oracle we have only 4 types of payment methods (check,electronic,wire,clearing) but every where we are using cash. So how can use the cash transactions?
141) Accrual receipt write off?    
142) where we can set up the tax in receivables (service tax , VAT) ?
143) what is the use of document sequence and how will generate the voucher number?
144) with holding tax accounting entries?  
145) Here we created One supplier and site but I am not able to select that site in the invoice work bench why? What could be the reasons?
146) can we recompile the accounting structure?
147) How many key flex field in FA?
148) how would you upload the statements means can you follow the manual reconciliation or Automatic reconciliation in your organization?
149) What is the feature of MOAC and here in one security profile we added 10 operating units and so we can assign this 10 OU’s one responsibility by MO Security profile but here the user requirement user want in the list of values only 3 OU’s respective responsibility?
Note: Here same Responsibility and same security Profile want to use how it would be possible?
150) Here we defined security rules but I am not able to select one value like for eg: department segment why?
151) we defined cross validation rule this rule is not working why? It's a new code combination? What could be the reason?
152) while doing the credit memo your going to adjust the amount to the line level and tax level or header level but I want to use only header level rest of the part I want to disable for that what I have to do?
153) Here we defined 3 transaction types and auto accounting window we have given the values as standard memo lines so this values (accounts)  revenue and tax and freight from where it pick whether its is pick from transaction type or memo lines?
154) what do you mean by debtors centralization?
155) Intra Company?
156) why did u call bills payable we have the option of future dated payments so what is the difference between future dated payments and bills payable?
157) what do you mean by credit memo and debit memo as per the client aspect?
158) Important and first set up to work on AP?
159) types of payment terms?
160) what is the use of distribution sets?
161) With Holding tax setups?
162) Period close process in AP?
163) Interface tables in AP,AR and GL?
164) Refund Process other than prepayment with credit memo/debit memo
165) what is autolock box?
166) What are the setups required for autoinvoice import program ?
167) What is autolock box & autoinvoice import any similarity?
168) Difference between deposit & guarantee with entries?
169) Open interface issues ?
170) Autoinvoice open interface tables ?
171) When do you go for chargeback & where do u perform this activity ?
172) What are auto cash rule sets?
173) GL Period close process ?
174) If any journals struck in interface what u will do ?
175) How to post the entries in GL ?
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