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Friday, 30 December 2016

Workflow in Oracle Application

Introduction to workflow

  • Tool from Oracle
  • Works with Oracle Database
  • PL/SQL Based
  • Widely Used with Oracle Applications
  • Can be Used Stand-Alone or with Oracle Apps

Need of workflow

Workflow can be described as the flow of information and control in a business process.

  • Routing the information
  • Defining and modifying business rules
  • Delivering electronic notifications
  • Integrating systems

Workflow Advantages

  • Human Element in Decision Making
  • Flexible Processes
  • Electronic Notifications
  • System Integration
  • PL/SQL Based Architecture

Workflow Components

  • Workflow Engine
  • Workflow Builder
  • Workflow Definition Loader
  • Notification System
  • Business Event System
  • Directory Services

Workflow architecture

workflow architechture

Workflow Engine

  • Embedded in database
  • Uses the process definition created with Oracle workflow Builder to coordinate the routing of activities of a Process
  • Monitors each activity in a workflow Process
  • Signals any change in the workflow state using calls to PL/SQL or JAVA APIs
  • Guarantees consistency between application and workflow state because of Oracle database transnational Integrity

Workflow builder

Workflow Builder is the development tool for oracle workflow
  • Define and customize workflow definitions
  • You can save the definitions to a flat file or database
  • At any time you can add, remove, or change workflow activities, or setup new prerequisite relationships among activities

Notification system

  • Routes notifications to a role, which can be a single user or group of users
  • Enable users to receive or respond to notifications
  • Provide access to notification worklist from E-business suite.

Email Notification

  • The notification system interfaces with the notification mailer program to send email notification to users and Roles
  • Users can reply to email notifications using their email client.
  • A notification mailer can send an individual email for each notification, or a summary email listing all the outstanding notifications for a user.

Directory services

  • As a set of views that are mapped with user tables.
  • The workflow engine and notification system uses to determine who should receive the notifications.
  • User can be associated with more than one role and one role may contain more than one user.

Workflow definitions loader

  • Is an utility that load process definitions between database and flat file.
  • Runs on server machine
  • Also integrated into workflow builder 

Some standard workflows in oracle apps

  • Payable Expense Report (Payable)
  • Candidate Offer Approval Process (HR)
  • PO Confirm Receipt Process (PO)
  • Journal Approval Process (GL)
  • Order Header and Line Process (OM)
  • Procurement Workflow (Purchasing)
  • Credit Memo Workflow (AR)

 Workflow example

 workflow example


Workflow Responsibilities 

  • Workflow User Web Applications
  • Workflow Administrator Web Applications

Monitoring of Workflow

  • Searching Workflow Instance
  • Activity History
  • Workflow Details
  • Workflow Status Diagram
  • Cancel and Suspension of workflow
  • Rewind of Workflow

Who can monitor workflow

  • Owner of the Workflow
  • Workflow System Administrator
                Can be a Particular User (Mostly SYSADMIN) 
                Particular Responsibility

  • Finding out Workflow Administrator
     SELECT text FROM wf_resources WHERE name = ‘WF_ADMIN_ROLE’;
  • Changing Workflow Administrator to a Responsibility                    

Workflow design approaches
  • Bottom up Approach
In the bottom up approach, we first create all the components (attributes, messages, functions, notifications etc.) and then use them to build a workflow process.

  • Top-Down Approach
In this approach, we directly start with the graphical representation of the work flow process and create all the components as required in the building process.

  • It is generally better to use Bottom up approach as it gives more clarity on the components required. 

Workflow terminologies

  • Store
  • Process
  • Item Type
  • Access Level
  • Protection Level
  • Activity
  • Attribute
  • Node
  • Lookup Code
  • Lookup Type
  • Result Type
  • Notification
  • Performer
  • Role
  • Message
  • Function
  • Timeout 
  •  Transition

Workflow Navigator

workflow navigator

Item type

  • Is name of the identifier of a business.
  • Other components are associated with item type.
  • Must be unique.
  • All the components of the workflow process contain the item type as the foreign key.

 item Attribute

item Attribute


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