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Sunday, 22 January 2017

How to Enable Audit Trail On Tables

Here is an example to enable Audit Trail on AP_SUPPLIERS and AP_SUPPLIER_SITES_ALL tables:

a) Responsibility: System Administrator
    Navigation:   Profile > System
    Query Profile: 'AuditTrail:Activate'. Click FIND
    Set it to 'Yes' at Site level.

b) Enable Audit Installations (AP)
    Navigation: System Admin > Security > Audit Trail >Install
   Enable Audit Installation for AP

c) Define Audit tables and desired columns.
    Navigation: System Admin > Security > Audit Trail > Tables
   Query for user table name 'AP_SUPPLIERS' and add columns on which you want to enable trail
   do the same for table AP_SUPPLIER_SITES_ALL

d) Define an Audit Group and associated tables
    Navigation:  System Admin > Security > Audit Trail >Groups
    Create Audit group for table defined in 'C'

e) Run Concurrent program 'AuditTrail Report for Audit Group Validation' with parameter as your  Audit Group.

f) Define an Industry Template contain Audit Group
    Navigation:  System Admin >Security > Audit Trail Reporting >Audit Industry Template

g) Run concurrent program "AuditTrail Update Tables".

h) Confirm existence of Audit tables (_A).

i) Run Audit report from SysAdmin menus.
   Navigation: Security > AuditTrai > Audit Trail Reporting > Audit Report

Above request will fire a concurrent request whose output can be used for Audit reporting.
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