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Sunday, 15 January 2017

Types of Packages which are Used in the OAF

There are six package used in the OA Frame Work Applications.

1) <3rd party identifier > .oracle.apps.<application_short_name>.<component>.[<sub-component>]

2) <3rd party identifier > .oracle.apps.<application_short_name>.<component>.[<sub-component>]

3) <3rd party identifier > .oracle.apps.<application_short_name>.<component>.[<sub-component>]

4) <3rd party identifier > .oracle.apps.<application_short_name>.<component>.[<sub-component>]

5) <3rd party identifier > .oracle.apps.<application_short_name>.<component>.[<sub-component>]

6) <3rd party identifier > .oracle.apps.<application_short_name>.<component>.[<sub-component>]
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