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Sunday, 26 March 2017

Difference among Index by table, Nested table and Varray

Index by table
Nested table
1. This is unconstraint table             
This is an unconstraint table
This is an constraint table
2. Not to store permanently In database table
To store permanently into database using SQL
To store permanently into database using SQL
3. We cannot add or remove Indexes                  
we can add or remove indexes using extend, trim collection Method
we can add or remove indexes using extend trim collection method
4.Exists, first, last, prior,Count, next, delete,Delete (element1, Element n)
Extend, trim, exists, first, last,prior, next, delete, count,delete (element1, element n)
Limit, extend, trim, exists,first, last, prior, next, count,delete
5. Indexes range from -ve to +ve
Indexes start with 1
Indexes starts with 1
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  1. Exactly where and why we use collections?
    where we use associative array?
    where we use nested table?
    where we use varrays?
    pls add this article also.....

    1. Hi Krishna,these article already added please check left sidebar you can find articles

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