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Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Oracle report Triggers Order of execution and usages in Real time

Before parameter form
After parameter from
Before report
Between pages
After report 

Order of execution:

Before Parameter Form
   Before Parameter Form trigger fires before the Run time Parameter Form is displayed.
After Parameter Form
  After Parameter Form Fires after the Runtime Parameter Form is displayed.

Before Report
  Before Report Fires before the report is executed.

Between Pages
  Between Pages fires before each page of the report formatted except the first page. This trigger can be used for customizing page formatting.

After Report
   After Report trigger fires after you exit the Runtime Previewer. 

Purpose of triggers in real time:

Before Parameter Form
   Before parameter form trigger used to initialise the parameters
After Parameter Form
  After Parameter Form trigger used to validate the parameters

Before Report
  Before Report trigger is used to develop the SQL statement dynamically

Between Pages
  Between Pages trigger used to get the page numbers

After Report
   After Report trigger is log same information such as number of records generated time of report generated.

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