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Tuesday, 11 April 2017

SQL Grant and Revoke

SQL Grant

This is used to grant the privileges to other users
     Grant <privileges> on <object_name> to <user_name> [with grant option];
     SQL> grant select on student to sudha;         -- you can give individual privilege

      SQL> grant select, insert on student to sudha;       -- you can give set of privileges

     SQL> grant all on student to sudha;                -- you can give all privileges
     The sudha user has to use dot method to access the object.

     SQL> select * from saketh.student;

     The sudha user can not grant permission on student table to other users. To get this type of option use the following.

     SQL> grant all on student to sudha with grant option;  
     Now sudha user also grant permissions on student table.

SQL Revoke

This is used to revoke the privileges from the users to which you granted the privileges.
     Revoke <privileges> on <object_name> from <user_name>;
     SQL> revoke select on student form sudha; -- you can revoke individual privilege

     SQL> revoke select, insert on student from sudha;            -- you can revoke set of privileges

      SQL> revoke all on student from sudha;       -- you can revoke all privileges
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