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Tuesday, 11 April 2017

SQL operators

Arithmetic Operators
Relational Operators
Logical Operators
Special Operators
In ,Not In
! = or  <>
Between,Not Between
Like ,Not Like

Is null , Is Not Null



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  1. Hi Dayakar,

    Amaze! I have been looking bing for hours because of this and i also in the end think it is in this article! Maybe I recommend you something helps me all the time?

    Kindly assist with the changing time zone,
    i have installed SQL SERVER
    2014, with default settings.
    i am asked to change time to local time. any clue?

    Follow my new blog if you interested in just tag along me in any social media platforms!

    Irene Hynes

  2. Hi Dayakar,

    This is indeed great! But I think perhaps you are generally referring SQL operators which is getting unsustainable.

    If FOR EACH ROW clause is specified, then the trigger for each Row affected by the statement. If WHEN clause is specified, the trigger fires according to the returned Boolean value.
    Need help on hierarchy query.

    I have two tables NSL and NSL_COMMENT
    They both are joined using nsl pk column and nsl_comment fk column

    The requirement is that we need to get the first, second, third and so on up to last record using the below mentioned logic.

    Code (SQL):

    nsl.p_k nsl.nk_s_nsl_comm nc.p_k nc.nk_s_nsl_comm


    100004805615005 100004805615006 100004805615006 100004805615007 100004805615005
    100004805615005 100004805615006 100004805615007 100004805615008 100004805615005
    100004805615005 100004805615006 100004805615008 100004805615009 100004805615005
    100004805615005 100004805615006 100004805615009 100004805615005 100004805615005

    first record in the child table : nsl.nk_s_nsl_comm from the parent table gives the value to be used in nc.p_k to get first record which is 100004805615006

    Second record in the child table: using first record nc.p_k 100004805615006, we have nc.nk_s_nsl_comm which is 100004805615007, now this becomes nc.p_k for second record

    Third record in the child table : using second record nc.p_k 100004805615007, we have nc.nk_s_nsl_comm which is 100004805615008, now this becomes nc.p_k for third record

    Fourth record in the child table: using third record nc.p_k 100004805615008, we have nc.nk_s_nsl_comm which is 100004805615009, now this becomes nc.p_k for fourth record

    Last record in the child table: nc.fk_s_nsl_nsl_comm = nc.nk_s_nsl_comm gives the last record.

    It was cool to see your article pop up in my google search for the process yesterday. Great Guide.
    Keep up the good work!


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