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Tuesday, 11 April 2017

SQL Table Data Delete

This can be used to delete the table data temporarily.


    Delete <table_name> where <condition>;


     SQL> DELETE student;

     If you are not specifying any condition this will delete entire table.

     SQL> DELETE Student  WHERE no = 2;
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  1. Sain Bainuu,

    In total awe…. So much respect and gratitude to you folks for pulling off such amazing blogs without missing any points on the SQL Table Data Delete . Kudos!

    I am facing an issue with DBMS_CHAIN execution.

    Issue :Even one of the step got Failed, remaining steps were processed with out waiting for depended step SUCCESS.

    Just FYI: I created 2 chains i.e. Chain1 and Chain2 . Calling Chain2 as subchain in Chain1.

    i attached the total script for your reference and below the run details.

    In the below run_details , you can see STEP2 is in failed state but further steps(i.e. STEP3 of CHAIN1 and STEP1 , STEP2 of CHAIN2 got processed)

    Please suggest me on this(what i need to do to hold at FAILED step and how can i RERUN that FAILED step only (or) from Failed Steps).

    I read multiple articles and watched many videos about how to use this tool - and was still confused! Your instructions were easy to understand and made the process simple.

    Many Thanks,

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