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Monday, 25 December 2017

Enabling Query Behavior In Oracle Forms In Oracle Apps

Implementing Row–LOV
Implementing Find Windows

Enabling Query Behavior

Steps To Implementing Row–LOV

  • Create a Parameter for Your Primary Key
  • Create an LOV and attach the return value as your parameter
  • Create a block–level PRE–QUERY trigger (Execution Hierarchy: Before)
              IF :parameter.G_query_find = ’TRUE’ THEN
<Primary Key> := :parameter.<Your parameter>;
:parameter.G_query_find := ’FALSE’;
              END IF;

  • Create a block–level user–named trigger QUERY_FIND on the results block (Execution Hierarchy: Override) that contains:

Implementing Find Windows

  • Copy the QUERY_FIND Object Group from APPSTAND
  • After copying it, delete the object group.
  • Rename the Block, Canvas and Window
  • Edit the NEW Button’s Trigger with :’<Your results blockname here>’);

  • Edit the FIND Button’s Trigger with :
app_find.find(’<Your results blockname here>’);

  • Set the Previous Navigation Data Block property of the Find block to be the results block.
  • Edit the KEY–NXTBLK Trigger same as FIND button’s trigger so that if user presses Go -> Next Block the behavior should mimic the FIND button
  • Change the Find Window Title
  • Create Necessary Items
Set the Required property to No
Set the default value to NULL
Attach the LOV and canvas
Set the query length to 100 and change the data type accordingly

  • Create a block–level Pre–Query trigger in the Results block (Execution Hierarchy: Before) that copies query criteria from the Find window block to the Results block (where the query actually occurs).
IF :parameter.G_query_find = ’TRUE’ THEN
COPY (<find Window field>,’<results field>’);
:parameter.G_query_find := ’FALSE’;

  • Create a block–level user–named trigger ”QUERY_FIND” (Execution Hierarchy: Override) on the Results block that contains:
APP_FIND.QUERY_FIND(’<results block window>’, ’<Find window>’, ’<Find window block>’);

Raising Query Find on Form Start Up

At the end of your WHEN–NEW–FORM–INSTANCE trigger, call: EXECUTE_TRIGGER(’QUERY_FIND’);

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